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DMA Radius : How to repair “Incorrect key file for table ‘./conntrack/xxxx@xxxxxx@xxxxxx.MYI’”

Some times if your production server goes down due to power failure you might face below error while accessing “Connection Tracking Reports” in Radius manager. Incorrect key file for table ‘./conntrack/2017@002d06@002d04.MYI’. try to repair it Follow below mentioned steps to resolve issue. How to repair table[Ubuntu]? Go to database folder cd /var/lib/mysql/conntrack service mysql stop myisamchk …

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Odoo Cluster Setup on Rancher

At Silent Infotech we have successfully deployed odoo cluster using rancher platform in order to mange the huge number of users and good amount of concurrent user load. What is Rancher? Rancher is designed to solve all of the critical challenges necessary to run all of your applications in containers. Rancher provides a full set …

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